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Full Time, OPT, CPT, & Intern

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Prime Vest HJ is a premier career consulting agency, backed by a large international company (Hongjing International Education). Hongjing International Education has been around since 2005 with over 20 branches worldwide; Singapore, California, Shanghai, Australia, etc.
Trust in our recruitment experts to help you along your job search, we are dedicated to placing your goals and experience with the right fit in an organization.
We work together with you throughout the recruiting process, from resume revision to following up with the employer even after the job offer to gain valuable knowledge on how your performance is at work.
Prime Vest HJ assists everyone; International students, graduates and long time career professionals. And specialize in Engineering, Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Architecture, Marketing, etc.


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"Prime Vest HJ helped me beyond belief when it came to helping me find the perfect job! Not only were they professional and welcoming, they went out of their way to assist me further, with no hesitation whatsoever. Thank you for taking my old resume and making it unique and something that I was proud to give out during interviews.

I loved the fact that after every interview they provided feedback to me on how to improve and prepare for the next round. I found the mock interviews very helpful! When it came to the interview itself, I felt very prepared. I knew exactly what kind of questions I would be asked. I would highly recommend Prime Vest HJ to anyone seeking new opportunities."

– Jing Zheng, Mechanical Engineer, Logan Instruments, NJ

"I would like to thank Prime Vest Hongjing for their invaluable service. I really appreciate how kind and patient my career coach has been with me. He has helped me step-by-step through the process and guided me in improving my resume and interview etiquette so that I can reach my career goals.

When I first started I was ambitious about the opportunities that were coming my way, but I was wondering for a long time why I kept getting rejected interview after interview. So I went to Prime Vest HJ looking for help on how to ace the job interview and finally get a job offer. I was also unsure what to put on my resume. But, after spending a few times consulting with Prime Vest HJ they made my resume look very professional!"

– Alice J. Wang, Marketing Assistant, Hanhai Studio, Burbank

"Before I decided to go with Prime Vest Hj’s services I wasn’t getting any call backs when submitting my resume. My Career Consultant pre-screened me and really took the time to understand what I was going through. He pointed out what I had to offer a company that I had never realized. Within a month, I was able to not only get a call in for an interview but also a job offer!"

- Joe Wu, Mechanical Engineer, EAOS, PA

"My Career Consultant was very professional, knowledgeable and provided a ton of advice. Prime Vest's service is catered to be more personable. Thanks to this well-regarded organization my resume is perfect now, I have improved my english, and interviewing skills! As Prime Vest continues to assist me in job placement, now I know what I bring to the table and how I would be a valuable, creative, and enthusiastic member to the workforce."

- Lanna Wang, Plastic Surgery Nursing Receptionist, UT

    Open Positions

  • Open Positions:Mechanical Engineer
    Location:Somerset, NJ
    Job Description:

    Tearing apart machines and putting them back together

    Documenting assembly work

    Build machines using documented BOM consisting of charts and pictures

    Design complex parts and assemblies.

    Manage external engineering vendors on specific projects.

    Create detailed release packages for prototyping.

    Direct and coordinate prototype manufacturing and field installation/retrofit activities to ensure products confirm to engineering design and customer specifications

    Produce engineering documents including design drawings, installation manuals, etc.

    Assist procurement team to identify and manage 3rd-party vendors

    Salary:$40,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year
  • Open Positions:Mechanical Engineer
    Location:Port Washington, NY
    Job Description:

    Enter shop drawing information into SolidWorks.

    Analyze elevations and material profiles to ensure software output is conducive to efficient manufacturing methods.

    Program elevations accurately to ensure efficient machine utilization/optimization and tool selection to properly produce parts.

    Creates and deploys manufacturing output (listing sheets) to the plant.

    Makes suggestions to increase efficiency in Listing and to ensure that deadlines are met.

    Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining professional working relationship with manufacturing.

    Listing requirements are completed on schedule. Programming functions are completed in accordance with established policies and procedures.

    Data integrity and quality Listing are maintained.Programs are timely.

    Job Knowledge, Experience, and Abilities:

    Must be able to read and interpret Architectural drawings and contract specifications.

    Experience with AutoCAD & Solidworks preferred.

    Experience using Excel

    Salary:$45,000 to 55,000 /year
  • Open Positions:Electrical Engineer
    Location:Appleton, WI

    Controls engineers will experience and be responsible for electrical equipment design, component sourcing, project quoting, programing, testing, install, startup and service of machinery and/or system integration projects. Work within a team environment consisting of both mechanical and electrical engineers to creatively solve manufacturing problems occurring around the world. Opportunities for travel are likely.

    Job Responsibilities:

    Specific role could include a number of the following duties:

    PLC programing – see languages below

    Electrical panel and HMI design

    Manage detailed documentation and electrical drawings

    Machine commissioning and startup

    Remote troubleshooting with clients

    Research new technologies and applicable components

    Network setup and troubleshooting (i.e. Ethernet)

    Salary:$60,000 to $75,000 /year
  • Open Positions:Jr. Data Analyst
    Location:Denver, CO
    Job Description:

    Work without supervision to perform the Account Mapping function through analysis and standardization of large sets of invoice data using a suite of proprietary mapping tools, while maintaining a specified level of accuracy and throughput.

    Be able to make rational, independent decision to accurately standardize and enhance client data representing multi-billion dollars per year in transaction data

    Communicate with clients to resolve issues related to product mapping and client questions

    Conduct research using in-house documentation and the Internet as needed for the Account Mapping function and specified projects.

    Responsible for content and quality of the primary database.

    Identify opportunities for data enhancement within the primary database. May perform some data clean up as specified.

    Participate in designated projects as required focused on data cleansing, process improvement, training for other team members, setting team goals, establishing team procedures, and recommending system enhancements.

    Participate in performance feedback to all levels of the Data Management team.

    Salary:$41,500 – 53,500 /year
  • Open Positions:Marketing Manager
    Location:Los Angeles, CA
    Job Description:

    organize and maintain an existing database of clients

    build the database by researching and inputting new building owner information

    leverage the database for marketing purposes including emails and mailers

    manage all aspects of email and direct mail campaigns

    write, build and manage email and mailer templates

    develop new concepts for emails, mailers and brochures

    prepare informal reports detailing the success of individual marketing campaigns

    occasionally update content on our website and in other marketing material

    Salary:$40,000 – 53,000/year
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